Sunday, July 20, 2014


The boys have gotten to an age where they adore imagination play with one another. I have loved being a bystander and listening to their play and how they work things out together. On this particular day, I was cooking dinner and they were in the back yard. They sat for what I think was 30 minutes (THAT IS A REALLY LONG TIME FOR TWO ACTIVE PRESCHOOLERS) on this ledge. I don't know what all was discussed. I just now that my momma heart was incredibly full. I love see the siblings in my home become friends. There's nothing like watching them interact and enjoy one another. I could have watched them for hours. The picture quality here is horrible. It was taken on my phone from inside with a screen in between us, but this is a memory that had to be captured. Two little boys discussing the issues of preschoolhood, filling their momma heart beyond measure! 


What an honor I have as their momma! I love you Austin and Jonathan!

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